Why I Never Mine Competitors’ Backlinks


One thing I almost never do in a link effort is mine adversaries’ backlinks. Sure, I Will examine the link profiles of opponents and also make a mental note of the websites but here’s what I do with that info:

1. Get an overall idea for what everyone’s doing in the sector.
2. Figure out something different to do.

Now I would like to start by saying that loads of highly revered link builders do propose to pursue the links our opponents have that we do not. I am not writing this column to tell you to say that it is a wild thought or not to do that. I do not use this strategy myself, I am just telling you.

It Does Make Sense, But…
Rationally, mining your competitors’ backlinks makes lots of sense. They might be more inclined to link to a different website in the exact same sector if a person is linking to a website in a specific sector.

Moreover, if a competition is ranking well, you’d anticipate his links to be helpful ones; catch and so, why don’t you try a few of that activity? Let your opponents love something which you do not have?

In Addition, It Might Be A Poor Idea
Here’s where it gets dirty.

Your website isn’t identical to your opponents’ websites. Your website has different content, strengths, and weaknesses and is (likely) not the same age. To put it differently, no two websites are on an identical level playing field.

Now, in the event you understood just what caused that imbalance, it will not be a lot more difficult to correct. Sadly, the essence of advertising is such that it is that complex. Search Engine Optimization professionals many times have you located only one place that needed to be corrected to be able to make those positions magically shoot right upwards? When auditing a website, and at times repairing all of them leaves you with inferior positions, I generally discover a number of different insufficiencies.

To me, believing that you will be better off getting someone else’s links is assuming that links are the primary method to do well on-line. But blowing off everything else to focus only on links is an extremely poor idea. This is not like figuring out that the black olives are being missed by your pasta salad that your neighbor uses.

I worry about footprints too. Maybe, unbeknownst to you, lots of the links your opponent has are part of a large website network that hasn’t yet been located and prohibited by Google. By seizing upward links from those websites, you may be placing yourself at risk!

Great Uses
Here’s where I believe competitive backlink mining CAN be useful:

Locating a couple of quality web directories where you do not yet have a listing.
Locating some excellent websites that are important you could maybe begin composing for.
Where you can add a link to your website, locating resource pages.
Not one of those are link procedures I Had use greatly, though. Inside my head, competitive link mining ought to be utilized to determine a couple of choice bits to add to your own strategy, not a huge pattern to reproduce.

Unless you are great at judging link quality, you are going to wind up pursuing your competitions’ links regardless of whether they are subpar, just because you’ve got the mindset that if adversaries A and B have links from a specific website, you want one, also. Possibly you do not.

Possible Risk Forward
Let us have a look at several links in the profile of my website — ones which you could try and get for yourself whether you blindly reproducing it and were mining my link profile.

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