Tips To Create SEO Friendly Blog Post

seo-friendly-articlesWriting for a blog is a skill similar to other writing. You should always ensure your readers interested in your blog by using appealing texts. You can grab the attention of the readers by giving the main idea of your post in the headings, subheadings. Your readers will share, link and tweet to your blog post when they like your blog more and this will improve your search engine rankings. To increase your rank in Google, you must try methods to develop your writing skills.

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Do you want to create a good and SEO-friendly blog? Then you must use the words prominently in your blog. Don’t use the keywords very often since it hurts the readability of your blog. Here are the basic writing tips you must follow that create your blog post good.

Before writing the blog post, you want to think deep about the topic. You must ask yourself what you like to tell your readers. Think the purpose of your post and what do you want the readers to do at the last page of your post. Note down the answers to the above questions.

Then think about the structure of the post. Every post should contain three important sections- introduction, body, and conclusion. The introduction part must have an introduction to the topic, main message or body contains the main message you want to share about the topic and in the conclusion part, you will want to summarize the essential ideas of the topic.

Every blog post has paragraphs. You want to ensure whether the paragraphs create sense. Never start a new line or paragraph only because of looks good in the new line. Each paragraph must have the main subject and unique reason to start a new paragraph. If you can explain the main idea in a single sentence then you don’t want to start a new paragraph. If the main idea takes several sentences then it is good to write in paragraphs.

Headings give structure to the whole page. Google can grasp the important topics of long post easily using headings and also it helps improve your ranking. Even you can use subheadings that explain the structure of the page very easily and it supports people to scan your page. Subheadings in your post support readers to scan your page easily.

Signal words facilitate readers to scan the text in your page and they can grab easily the main idea. Signal words like secondly, first of all, surely, indeed, also, so, for this reason, consequently plays an important role in your blog post since these words help to structure the text.

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