All You Need To Know About WordPress SEO


When you start to work with WordPress SEO as a starting point you can look for the WordPress SEO tutorial by Bit Pak to understand the basic concepts. When you have an idea of recruiting an SEO consultant you should consider a few important factors, which are discussed in .

There are few key terminologies you should be aware of:
Permalinks- Tool for customizing your blog links.
Meta Descriptions-You should set a Meta description for each and every page or post to top the rankings in the search results.
Image Optimization- Will allows the search engines to accurately index the images.
Headings Usage- Regulating the structure of articles, which will make your content, moves higher.

Optimizing Permalinks For WordPress Website:
WordPress gives you the convenience of setting your links based on the way you prefer them to look like. To make this change you should go to the administrative area of the WordPress and then go to Settings and Permalinks. On this page, you will have many settings and you can pick from the predefined options or you can prefer to customize your links.

You can further customize your option by entering/%postname%/. Your link will appear like <> or you can choose to enter /%category%/%postname%/. You can also add the name of category along with the URL. You can also add any custom text or additional WordPress variables. If you want to look into the complete list of variables, then you can make use of the permalinks which are available at the WordPress official website.

Optimizing Meta Descriptions
You should make sure that you add Meta descriptions to every page. You should be using simple sentences, which are informative. The Search engine will further check whether the description is relevant to the original content of the page. You should make sure that you add description only to the current page and should avoid any information, which is not relevant.

It is ideal to split your posts into categories. Once you enter the posts and go to the categories page in the admin area, you cannot that the description field will be available for every category. WordPress has the capability of taking whatever you enter in this field and will insert them as Meta description for the categories.

Optimizing Images
It is important to have the “title” and “alt” tags mentioned in every image you have used in your post. This way the search engine can understand what the image is supposed to showcase. Many skips this step as this step can be a time-consuming job. As a replacement, you can make use of SEO friendly images as a plug-in. If you are looking for additional information on the installation of the plug-in then you can look for online tutorials on how to install the WordPress Plug-in.

When the plug-in is installed, you can go to settings→SEO friendly images, which are available in the WordPress Admin area. On this page, you will have an option to specify the ALT and TITLE tags for the images posted.

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